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How Life Coaching can increase your income

HOW LIFE COACHING CAN INCREASE YOUR INCOME Life coaching can contribute to an increase in income by helping individuals identify and overcome obstacles, set and achieve career goals, and enhance key skills. Here are ways in which life coaching can positively impact income: Clarifying Career Goals: Life coaching assists individuals…
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How Shame Affects Productivity at Work

Shame is a powerful emotion that can significantly impact our lives in many ways. Whether it’s the shame of failing to meet expectations or the embarrassment of making mistakes, it’s something we all experience at some point. But did you know that shame can also affect productivity at work? Feeling…
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How blame decreases productivity at work

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being blamed for something that wasn’t entirely our fault or witnessing a colleague who is constantly pointing fingers and playing the blame game. This behavior can have drastic effects on your team’s productivity. Let’s dive into how blaming undermines trust, hinders problem-solving, and ultimately…
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