Emotions City - Centre for Emotional Intelligence in Africa


Executive Coaching

We help high network individuals move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction…

Personalized Therapy

We  match you up with  personalized intervention for your needs

Family Therapy

We are available to help families going through emotional challenges

Emotional Intelligence

We offer world-class specialized EQ certification courses

Business Diagnosis

We are well equipped to help your business develop cutting-edge strategies. 

Soul Stripping

We administer our proprietary methodology to help you discover your meaning and money-making machine.


EQ Training and Certification

We offer world-class specialized certification courses for professionals .

Sales Specific EQ

We design fail-proof solutions that help your sales team meet sales goals

Employee Awareness Program

 Designed to equip employees with knowledge that helps them become emotionally intelligent.


We are leaders in consulting for difficult negotiations and conflict resolution.

Creating Mental Health Hubs

We help you create mental health hubs and cafés within your organisation.

Education Consultation

For school owners who desire to include mental health and emotional intelligence in their schools curriculum

Policy Influencing

We are positioned to help government (local, state or federal) draft policy documents

Keynote Speaking

Need a keynote speaker at your events? Book the Emotions Doctor


Soul Stripping Methodology

A process to move you from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction. 

Mental Health Consulting

We will match you up with a personalized intervention for your needs

Business Diagnosis

We help your business develop cutting edge strategies in identifying reasons for unsatisfactory performance

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Learn how we helped individuals, achievers and top brands gain success.

Emotions City - Centre for Emotional Intelligence in Africa

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Learn how we helped individual and top brands gain success

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