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Emotional Intelligence, fostering a widespread impact on a global scale. Our training efficacy is reflected in an impressive 95% rating for training impact and delivery, which serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

At Emotions City, our portfolio of expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including Emotional Intelligence training and certification, employee awareness programs, human resource training, executive coaching and therapy, socio- emotional learning, faith-based consulting, and educational consulting.

Founded by Oyinkansola Alabi, popularly recognized as The Emotions Doctor, a global productivity enhancement and life validation strategist, her leadership has guided Emotions City to its zenith, inspiring transformation and growth in high net-worth executives and blue-chip companies.

Our unique training approach harmonizes various methodologies and amalgamates virtual classrooms, bespoke personalized sessions, psychometric tests, practical reflective learning moments, engaging games, compelling storytelling, interactive home plays, and comprehensive feedback on results and return on investment (ROI).

This holistic approach ensures that our clients not only gain knowledge but also experience sustainable and impactful personal and professional growth.

Emotions City is not just an Academy, we are an encounter, a unique journey of life.

Oyinkansola Alabi

(The Emotions Doctor)
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