I woke up sad yesterday morning, I had meditated on some disempowering thoughts the previous night. So I had to track down the thoughts. I couldn’t allow them ruin my Sunday. And I can only control what I have recognised. Upon recognition of what was attacking my joy, I altered my state. To move from a state of unhappiness to happiness.
I absorbed these words till my feelings moved from anxiety to joy. I am my usual self this morning. Affirmation saved me. The next time, you feel disturbed and disempowered, please affirm yourself. Remind yourself of who you are through words.
Be it written, spoken or musical.

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6 reviews for Affirmations for Achievers, Hustlers, Singles and Children (Audiobook)

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    Nnanna Stella

    Great work

  2. (6)

    Nana Tessy

    Interestingly interested.

  3. (6)

    Nana Tessy

    Wow !!!!

  4. (6)

    Anita Morphy

    I can’t wait to read it all.

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    Great job, timely too

  6. (6)

    Oloruntoba Julianah Oluwatosin


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