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Are you among the people who do this?

A lot of people start networking when they are desperate. When they need clients, money, have been laid off, or experiencing some financial or emotional challenges.

Interestingly, people you reach out to can smell the desperation. They know you are reaching out to use them and not because you care. Don’t join the list of users or wait till life shows up at your doorstep or attempts to mess you up. Join a community.

A tribe that works like Google 2.0 where you ask a question at our virtual monthly family meeting and receives high- quality answers from me or other experienced professionals.

We also invite industry leaders to discuss global business strategies, real estate, personal branding, personal finance, investment, NFT, Immigration, how to get into TECH, Sales, Mental Health, Family Life, Marriage, Relationships, Sex, Divorce, anything, and everything.

Dates of the virtual family meetings will be shared in advance to encourage planning. Some of the meetings will also be recorded for those who miss the meetings. Business and relationship networking will happen during the monthly family meetings.

Tribe members will also receive discounted tickets to subsequent events by Emotions City. Weekly access to exclusive books, video teachings, opportunities, etc. It’s hard to put a price on belonging. To be part of a virtual professional family that “understand and get you”.

We will have a total of 12 VIRTUAL FAMILY MEETINGS in 2024 and I have hosted a total of 234 achievers in 5 years. Silent Tsunamis and owners of multi-million-dollar businesses, I have also grown my brand from a 5-digit brand to a 9-digit brand in less than 5 years.

So, I am looking for professionals who desire a sense of belonging to join my tribe. Who do you know?

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