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We are the Centre for Emotional Intelligence in Africa.

The Essence of Emotional Stability.

Psychologist Daniel Goleman in one of his research stated that Emotional Intelligence (or Emotional Quotient) can amount to 85% of leadership success. Leaders and employees with low Emotional Quotient and mental stability will definitely not be able to keep a job and grow on the job. If you desire to deepen peace, increase productivity and profitability in your organisation, We admonish you to partner with us.

Online Offerings

Private Coaching

Free 1 hour session with the Emotions Doctor, Oyinkansola Alabi. She is a renowned certified emotional intelligence coach and therapist.

EC Courses

We offer a range of certified courses for both individuals and organisations. All courses stem from our core learning philosophy.

Corporate Training

free 2 hour training for professionals,we believe Emotions drive people and knowing how to manage it effectively is key to succeeding.

EC Products

We offer a range of products to help equip yourself to be emotionally intelligent.


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Emotions City - Centre for Emotional Intelligence in Africa

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Learn how we helped individual and top brands gain success

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