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Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria

It is my pleasure to have this beautiful conversation with you on Emotional Intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence as defined by Peter Salovey, the creator of the concept is the effective blend of your thinking and feeling capacity to make optimal decisions. That means the effective blend of your thought and feeling like a smoothie machine to produce a smoothie. According to Peter, we should think and feel before we act. Once we don’t think before we act. We will move from feelings to actions. And when we do, we will most likely mess things up.
Another school of thought says that emotional intelligence is being smart with your feelings and I agree with it because if financial intelligence is being smart with your money which is the ability to save and invest. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to defer to a flavour of God. Physical intelligence is about your health. Emotional intelligence is being smart with your feelings.
My jocular definition of emotional intelligence as a Nigerian is the ability to always engage System 2 and not System 1. System 1 is our ability to jump from feelings to actions without thinking. We only think that we think. That part of us attempts to protect ourselves by fighting, freezing, and taking to flight every time we encounter a situation. System 1 shows up to protect you every time an experience is not in tune with your core values.
System 1 reacts without thinking. It is your default unprocessed setting.
While System 2 is the Emotional Intelligent soul that processes before it acts. It is the side that effectively blends thoughts and feelings to make optimal decisions. It understands that the difference between emotions and emotional intelligence lies in your capacity to “pause”. The pause is what turns emotions into emotional intelligence. The ability to pause before you speak, while you speak and after you have spoken.
System 2 reminds us to give up our anyhowness. To retire the habit of attacking people and not issues. Deal with people and not issues. The ability to be assertive and not aggressive. System 2 refines you. It reminds you that it is too expensive if it will cost you your peace. It engages mental edit. The ability to think before they speak. The ability to apply consequential thinking.
This is the journey I am inviting you to embark on today. A journey of being human. Because emotional intelligence is not a hard or soft skill, it is not just a life skill either. Emotional intelligence is life. Or how can you say kindness or empathy are soft skills? Kindness is life. Empathy is life. So, welcome on board, be a part of the Emotion Revolution. Lack of emotional intelligence starts wars. Emotional Intelligence end wars.
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria

Dear Nigeria,

I am sorry I couldn’t speak with you yesterday. It was my rest day.

I also observed that people were consumed with you,

So I decided to wait till you could create time for me.

Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria

I met you about 4 decades ago.

It was love at first sight.

I was in love with all I was told you could become.

But as decades passed by, it became an abusive home.

The more I loved you, the less I received.

I kept praying and hoping for an intervention but alas,

I have accepted my reality.

You will always exist but I will not so I have to invest my life wisely.

I have to accept the fact that I can love you from afar.

I am also not called to you alone, I was instructed to go ye into the world…

So I have obeyed the instruction.

I still love you but I can’t fix you alone.

All you have become is also not your fault.

You are who we are. Though we hate to admit it.

And if you have to change, we all have to change.

We have to prioritise people preservation and earth preservation.

We have to accept the fact that great Nations are built from emotionally stable families.

Happy diamond jubilee.

May the rest of your life be the best of your years.

Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria
Emotional Intelligence Mental Health

Emotional Intelligence – Mental Edit

Ever wondered why you can’t say what you feel the way you feel it?

Well, it’s the same way you will not eat a live chicken when you feel like eating chicken,

Or bite a live goat when you feel like eating goat meat.

Words are not meant to be uttered without been refined.

Words are meant to be processed through your cognitive centre.

Uttering words without mental edit exposes your emotional deficiency.

It makes discerning minds know that you are mentally lazy.

Emotional intelligence

You prefer not to think.

You love short cuts.

As you think it, you say it.

That is why you say it as it is or give a piece of your mind.

Lack of filter will make you lose money, clients, prospects and relationships.

Your mouth will affect your credit alerts.

No one appreciates rudeness or anyhowness.

Not even you.

So stop boasting about your spirit of dramatic rudeness.

Embrace mental edit.

Sieve your thoughts into kind words.

Your style of delivery is as important as the content of the delivery.

Invest in your emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

I Am Sorry

Something interesting happened to me recently.
I reached out to sow a seed into the life of a lady who has been a constant spiritual blessing.
Then she gave me a call but I missed it so I returned it.
She then went ahead to share a sad story on how I hurt her with my words about 6 years ago.
I couldn’t remember the incident. Neither did I forget. I just knew something transpired but I couldn’t remember what.
She on the other hand remembered vividly. She emptied her heart to me by telling me all she brooded over for 6 years.

I Am Sorry

I took responsibility for the pain by uttering the words.

I was wrong.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.

I can’t remember the sin but as long as I hurt her. I am sorry.

Life is too short to prove points, act defensively or feed my ego.

I am an emotionally intelligent adult.

Emotional Intelligence

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Joining my Emotional Intelligence tribe is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in life.

A part of our growing community and are interested in the life-changing transformation available to every one of us.

I created this tribe so that I could share what I have learned along my journey of transformation with you.

A life that is barely recognisable from my past in two years.

I can help you achieve the same in 2021.

Emotional Intelligence Soul Tribe

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Emotional Intelligence for kids

Emotional Intelligence for Children

Emotional intelligence for children is very significant.

Every terrorist was once a child.
Every rapist was once a child.
Every icon was once a child.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.

Emotional intelligence for kids
Children become what they live with

If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to be shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn what envy is.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with tolerance, they learn to be patient.
If children live with encouragement, they learn to be confident.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with praise, they learn to appreciate.
If children live with sharing, they learn to be generous.
If children live with serenity, they learn to have peace of mind.


What are they learning from you?
It is time to raise more emotionally intelligent children in Nigeria.


My Encounter with a BOLI seller ( Roasted plantain seller)

Emotional intelligence is one way to make the world a better place. Here’s a personal encounter I two years ago. I drove by a boli seller who was roasting her plantain under the rain at Ilupeju. I parked and asked why she wasn’t under a shade. She said if she left her wares on fire they will get burnt. I gave her a few notes and drove off to church.

Roasted plantain
Boli (Roasted plantain) and groundnut

While at church. I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine my mum roasting plantain in the rain. I kept pondering about it till I posted it on Facebook. A friend from the United States reached out to donate to her. 48 hours after I drove back to her to hand her about 250k.

She busted into tears and said to me in Yoruba language that she has been praying that God should send her a helper. A month after she reached out to my staff to say she is no longer under a shade. She now sells from a shop at her house. She used the money to fix her uncompleted building at Sango-Ota, Ogun State and sells from there. Sales is also good.

We are the breakthrough people are praying for. Play your part not because you have enough but because you are human. An emotional intelligent soul. I am glad she became a landlord before me.


Emotional Intelligence as a Super Power

Imagine a world without emotions? Life will be colourless without the emotional glue necessary to bind humans together.

Emotions are present in every conversation we have and these three words are guaranteed to help you become an emotionally Intelligent professional.

It’s my choice!

All of your responses and reactions starts with choices. Your choice.

It’s your choice to be angry. It’s your choice to be resentful, it’s your choice to have compassion, to have empathy.

The less reactive we are, the more emotionally intelligent we become.

It’s your choice. Own it. Take responsibility.

It’s your choice to think the way you want to think, feel the way you want to feel and act the way you want to act.


Peer Pressure and Depression in the Age of Social Media in Nigeria

As social vertebrates, interfacing with family and friends across long distance has been a daily reality since the inception of the world.

We have relied on multiple flavours of communication and connection to strengthen our relationships.

One of such creative solution is social media. A neutral innovation with a double-edged sword. A weapon capable of extinguishing sanity and improving your individuality concurrently.

Before I delve into the dynamics of this article, I would love to define these words: peer, pressure and peer pressure.

Peer means an equal in rank or status or what Nigerians call ‘age mate’.

Pressure means suffering, anguish; act or fact of pressing on the mind or heart.

Peer pressure means a feeling that one must do the same things as other people of one’s age and social group in order to be liked or respected by them.

Interestingly, peer pressure is supposed to be a stimulant, not a disempowering vibe. It is a narrative to challenge and arouse us to chase our greatness.

However, majority of us have demonised this inert concept. We have used it as a vice, not a virtue and it has become a savage cause of depression in Nigeria and all over the world. Online peer pressure has influenced a lot of emotional and psychological trauma.

Instagram for example, is competing for the title of the greatest brewer of envy and jealousy where people photoshop their imperfections, pose in cars they do not own, model outfits they borrowed. All in a bid to mask their insecurities and to create false personas behind flawless pictures.

Social media was created to be an interactive computer-mediated technology. It facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression, via virtual communities and networks. But, this same golden goose has laid eggs of unhealthy competition, comparison, rivalry, self-sabotage and depression.

A new study concludes that there is, in fact, a causal link between the use of social media and negative effects on well-being; primarily depression and loneliness. The study was published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

“ If you use less social media, you are actually less depressed and less lonely; meaning that the decreased social media use is what causes that qualitative shift in your well-being,” said Jordyn Young, a co-author of the paper and a senior at the University of Pennsylvania.

The study included 143 students from the University of Pennsylvania. They were randomly assigned to one of two groups: one that would continue their social media habits as usual or one that would significantly limit access to social media. For three weeks, the experimental group had their social media usurer reduced to 30 minutes per day – 10 minutes on three different platforms ( Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat).

In order to keep these experimental conditions, the researchers looked at phone usage data, which documented how much time was spent using each app per day. All of the study participants had to use iPhones.

The question is, why let the experimental group use social media at all?

“We didn’t think was an accurate representation of the landscape of the world that we live in today. Social media is around us in so many capacities,” Young said.

The results were clear; the group that used less social media, even though it wasn’t completely eliminated, had better mental health outcomes.

Baseline readings for participants were taken at the beginning of the trial in several areas of well-being: social support, fear of missing out, loneliness, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, autonomy, and self-acceptance.

At the end of the trial, those in the experimental group saw both loneliness and depressive symptoms decline, with the largest changes happening in those who reported greater levels of depression.

“No matter where they started off if they were told to limit their social media, they had less depression, no matter what their initial levels were,” Young opined.

The fact is, internet addiction is a common phenomenon driving many to depression and suicide.

In the United States, approximately 77 per cent of all Americans have a social media profile of some kind in 2018, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) declared that approximately 103 million Nigerians had access to the Internet.

The question then is, how can systems designed to bring us closer to our friends and family be bad for our mental health?

According to Oscar Ybarra, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. “People don’t necessarily have to be super aware that this is occurring, but it does. You log on, you’re generally dealing with very curated content on the other side.”

The Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a mental health effect that’s been strongly linked with the use of social media.

Although a relatively new phrase often attributed to millennial ennui, psychologists say it has real social significance.

Amy Summerville, PhD, a professor of psychology at Miami University in Ohio, is an expert on issues of regret and the psychology of “what might have been.”
She explains that FOMO is an extension of larger issues of inclusion and social standing. Once our basic needs are met, like food, shelter, and water, the need for inclusion and social interaction ranks right up there, she says.

“The FOMO experience specifically is this feeling that I personally could have been there and I wasn’t. I do think that part of the reason that’s really powerful is this cue that maybe we’re not being included by people we have important social relationships with,” she told Healthline.

The now-ubiquitous use of social media and technology has created a world in which we can gaze into our own crystal ball to see what our friends are doing at almost any time of day. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

This freedom has impacted and adversely affected nations.

According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria is Africa’s most depressed country and the 85th happiest country on global happiness report in 2019.

The World Health Organisation also posits that there are 322 million people living with depression in the world. In the WHO suicide ranking, Nigeria leads with 15.1 suicides per 100,000 population per year and is ranked the 30th most suicide-prone out of 183 nations in the world.

As a matter of fact, World Bank states that not only do, 22% of Nigerians suffer from chronic depression, Nigeria rates 10th in Africa after countries with higher rates of suicide such as Togo (ranked 26th in the world), Burkina Faso (22nd), Cameroun (19th) Zimbabwe (16th), Central African Republic (13th), Sierra Leone (11th), Angola (9th), Equatorial Guinea (7th), and Cote D’Ívoire (5th).

Mental health disorders (particularly depression and substance abuse) are associated with more than 90% of all cases of suicide in Nigeria.

In truth, Daily Trust newspapers rendered that seventy-nine people committed suicide in Nigeria between April 8, 2017, and May 12, 2018

The question therefore is will we disengage our hearts from these unpleasant realities?

If we won’t, how can we help Nigerians develop the capacity to alter their state and move from a state of unhappiness to happiness effortlessly?

The formula for happiness as defined by Anthony Robbins is when your life’s conditions (LC) match or equal your blueprint, your story, about what it should be.

Happiness simply means one word, PROGRESS. PROGRESS equals HAPPINESS.

But when your life’s conditions do not match your blueprint, your story, or how your life is supposed to be, you are going to have disappointments and may end up depressed.

Mild Depression is an outcome of wrong thinking or cognitive dissonance. A mood disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, a significant increase or decrease in appetite and time spent sleeping, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal tendencies.

Every time we experience insecurity, unhappiness and suicidal ideation, we have three choices.

The first choice is to blame something/blame someone / or blame yourself.

The second is to change it.

The third is to change your blueprint if you don’t desire to keep having intercourse with depression or being overwhelmed by life.

Changing your STRATEGY, STORY and STATE furnishes you with the capacity to move from a state of unhappiness to happiness.

So the next time you show up online, remember that

– There will always be someone richer than you and someone you are richer than.

-Pressure only reveals content and social media only has the capacity to amplify your intrinsic state of mind.

-Decide to Nurture and sustain your self-awareness skills.

-You can fumigate your timeline by unfollowing everyone whose handle tensions you.

– You can observe regular social media detox and reduce the time spent online.

– You can connect with the offline world more.

– You can develop a habit of contentment and gratitude.

Written by

Oyinkansola Alabi,
Founder, Emotions City.
Lagos, Nigeria. Texas USA.
Email –


Big Brother Naija – Part 3

I woke up to a series of tags on the scuffle between ERICA and LAYCON

They wanted my professional view on the conversation.

The Academic in me has not watched DSTV for a while so I had to watch a series of videos to establish the cause and effect of the scenario.

Erica is a beautiful and intelligent young lady

A soul who longs for attention, affection, validation and a family.

She showed up in the house for money

Before her reality overtook her.

Her desire for acceptance and unconditional love kept sneaking up on her.

When it placed a demand on it from KIDD and he didn’t’ supply the desired quantity, her soul got upset.

She also tried being friends with some housemates but it didn’t go as smooth as she envisaged.

Thus, the depletion in the emotional bank balance she showed up in the house with.

On a few occasion, she stated categorically that

“ She doesn’t deal with stress very well “.

“ She was happy when she saw she could see a shrink”.

“ She has been feeling bad for a while because she doesn’t have access to her source of support”.

“ She has accumulated and bottled up negative emotions”.

“There was a time she was ringing the bell to ask for a psychologist. Nobody answered her”.

“ She didn’t ask to be here, her mother and father made a mistake and she is here”.

Life is tough.

And tougher for someone who didn’t receive a considerable amount of affirmation and love.

Her outburst is deeper than her issues with KIDD, LAYCON and everyone else.

Her pain is an overflow of her emotional hunger.

There is an ERICA in all of us.

Where our soul longs for what we were denied but we deserve.

So we owe her nothing but love.

We have also malfunctioned before so he who expects grace will not offer disgrace.

I hope a part of the raised funds will be channelled towards her mental health.

Because her sweet soul deserves emotional stability.



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