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Emotions City is a human and life validation corporation. We help organisations and individuals enhance productivity and help achievers find meaning, happiness and fulfilment in life. We achieve this through proprietary emotional intelligence training and soul stripping methodologies.
Our robust research efforts have over the years resulted in the invention of highly-effective products, programs, solutions, and services that are timeless in their impact, usage, and application for which society is grateful. Our courses offer an unrivaled depth and quality in Africa. We work with leaders of Enterprises, Corporations, and Churches as well as those of various Arms of Government, Non-Governmental Organisations, Youth Consistuencies, Families, and discerning individuals at all levels, using original, home-grown research, and principle-based methodologies.
98% of over 275,000 executives rate our training experience as excellent.

The Directors

Innocent Usar

Founder, Innocent Minds International

Engineer Femi Odumabo

Regional Vice President, Africa Business Development for Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production (CALAEP)

Dr. Yele Okeremi

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director Precise Financial Systems

The Team

Olawunmi Akindipo

Head of Training

Olayinka Adesanya

Head of EQ for Children

Innocent Usar

Head Trainer, Cardinals of Hypnotherapy

Dolapo Agbede


Paul Anare

Head of Culture and Compliance / EQ House of Africa

Akinola Akinropo

Head of Research & Development

Rahmah Zakareeyah

Vice President, Alumni Community

Dr. John Mukoro

President, Alumni Community
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Learn how we helped individuals, achievers and top brands gain success.

Emotions City - Centre for Emotional Intelligence in Africa

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Learn how we helped individual and top brands gain success

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