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How excuses will excuse you from greatness

I studied the lives of my mentors,

Steve Harvey, Serena Williams, Christiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, and Leke Alder.

And in the words of Kevin Hart, “Hard work tastes different”.

It takes a lot of intentionality to succeed.

Success responds to principles not just prayers, the ability to show up even when you don’t feel like it.

Ronaldo and Serena are one of the world’s best players yet they train daily like learners.

Kevin and Steve have moved from being comedians into empire builders,

The difference between you & your industry leader may be your excuses. While you lounge in excuses, they are grinding.

Can you still remember your new year’s resolution?

Have you finished your online course?

Did you execute what you agreed with your Coach to execute?

Is your work your worship?

Do you still pray to experience Global relevance yet your work is full of errors and you are wondering why your boss isn’t managing mediocrity?

Excuses will shut the doors of greatness against you,

You will hardly be recommended because you aren’t dependable,

You will also be suspected while executing the job because they know you can switch on them and act like you are doing them a favor for a job you are paid for.

You have prayed and fasted enough, Now it’s time to show up.

Hard work tastes different,

And when your life is important to you, you will make a way if it is not, you will make an excuse.

Go and execute.

Knowledge is not power, it’s applied knowledge that is power.

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