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The Battle of The Eyeballs.

What happened in Nigeria over the weekend was one of the ticking time bombs that have been waiting to explode,

A bomb engineered by a culture of silence and emotional suppression,


Where children are sexually molested by relatives but are told to keep quiet and snap out of it, to preserve the family name.


Or where members are molested, defiled, and raped by spiritual leaders but are told to be silent and “touch not the anointed”.


Or where some wives experience domestic violence but are told to pray about it because “God hates divorce”,


And where some husbands betray their marital covenant through infidelity yet the woman is meant told to “pray about it, pretend it doesn’t exist,  snap out of it or move on”.


A culture that suppresses is Gunpowder.


What we experienced over the weekend is also deeper than politics,


It is a figment of our deep-seated pain, frustration, and prolonged silence,


We are tired of being suppressed.


We are tired of bottling up our emotions.


We are tired of praying about it because there is a time to pray and a time to speak up.


Where is the average NIGERIAN MEANT TO SPEAK?


Are our families safe enough to speak and listen without judgment?

Are the worship centers safe enough to speak and listen without being suppressed by scriptures?

Are organizations safe enough to speak and listen without an agenda? Where is safe for us to SPEAK?


Because if we don’t speak VERBALLY, we will speak PHYSICALLY.

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