Big Brother Naija – Part 3

I woke up to a series of tags on the scuffle between ERICA and LAYCON

They wanted my professional view on the conversation.

The Academic in me has not watched DSTV for a while so I had to watch a series of videos to establish the cause and effect of the scenario.

Erica is a beautiful and intelligent young lady

A soul who longs for attention, affection, validation and a family.

She showed up in the house for money

Before her reality overtook her.

Her desire for acceptance and unconditional love kept sneaking up on her.

When it placed a demand on it from KIDD and he didn’t’ supply the desired quantity, her soul got upset.

She also tried being friends with some housemates but it didn’t go as smooth as she envisaged.

Thus, the depletion in the emotional bank balance she showed up in the house with.

On a few occasion, she stated categorically that

“ She doesn’t deal with stress very well “.

“ She was happy when she saw she could see a shrink”.

“ She has been feeling bad for a while because she doesn’t have access to her source of support”.

“ She has accumulated and bottled up negative emotions”.

“There was a time she was ringing the bell to ask for a psychologist. Nobody answered her”.

“ She didn’t ask to be here, her mother and father made a mistake and she is here”.

Life is tough.

And tougher for someone who didn’t receive a considerable amount of affirmation and love.

Her outburst is deeper than her issues with KIDD, LAYCON and everyone else.

Her pain is an overflow of her emotional hunger.

There is an ERICA in all of us.

Where our soul longs for what we were denied but we deserve.

So we owe her nothing but love.

We have also malfunctioned before so he who expects grace will not offer disgrace.

I hope a part of the raised funds will be channelled towards her mental health.

Because her sweet soul deserves emotional stability.


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