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I gained over a hundred followers on Instagram yesterday morning (@emotionsdoctor). Upon review, I found out that a celebrity had tagged me on his piece on Tacha.

The arresting part of his article were the feedback humans of the world posted. Most of them were disempowering and evil. One of the trollers even made a song out of her delinquency.

I had to watch the fight video on Instagram to understand the genesis of the online banter. The video revealed two ladies who seem to be dealing with some flavour of deep-rooted issues before the show. The show only amplified their content as pressure only reveals content.

When you are under pressure and you choose anger and rage, it’s not because that’s the only option, it’s because it’s in your programming. In your template. Anger is in you. It’s not the action that makes the man, it’s the man that makes the action. For example, you are not a thief because you stole, you stole because you are a thief. You are not also a slapper because you slapped, you slapped because you are a slapper.

Every time I preach the gospel of emotional intelligence in Nigeria, I preach it with tears in my eyes because Emotional Intelligence changed my life. I don’t just train on what I learnt from the Founder of Emotional Intelligence in the world at YALE University, or CORNELL University or at Six Seconds Network. I train from my experience. I am evidence of a changed life. I will change it for you if I so desire, but I CHOOSE not to. I choose peace to justice. I stoop to conquer. I am now assertive and not aggressive.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is not a hard skill or soft skill, it’s not even a life skill. It is life. Lack of EI will expose you. It will humiliate you. It will disturb your peace. It will make you lose money, friends, relationships and flavour. If you lack emotional intelligence on a national scale, it will be a national disgrace. If you lack it and you are on an international platform, your fall will be ‘LOUD’.

Emotional Intelligence is not an option. It’s the oxygen of human interaction. It’s a self-preservation, people preservation and earth preservation model. Emotional Intelligence will preserve you. It will promote you. It will take you before kings. It will deepen your peace, increase your performance and profitability. This is my testimony now and this is what I have helped our 128 alumni members achieve.

Yes, Tacha should have controlled herself but how would she when she didn’t even know any better? People do the best with what they know and they do it with good intentions. If she knew better she would have done better. I hope this action has cleared her eyes and our eyes to know that life will no longer reward anyhowness.

No matter what we choose to believe Character (POSTERITY) will always be superior to prosperity.

Tacha isn’t the issue here cos there is a Tacha in every one of us. Deal with your own TACHA. May you not malfunction where you are expected to walk in grace.

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